The Nick Major Show – Interview with Party Boat’s Brett Davern

September 5, 2017 at 2:20 PM

Nick Major sat down with actor Brett Davern (MTV’s Awkward, The Brett Davern Show) to chat about his leading role in the new Crackle original comedy film Party Boat. The two chat about the plot, characters/cast, and production as well as the chemistry between him and former Awkward co-star Beau Mirchoff—who has a role in the film too.

Party Boat follows Davern’s character, Max—a rambunctious guy who loves to party—as he and his friends/business partners take their massive houseboat out on a lake and turn it into the ultimate music and alcohol fueled experience for paying customers. It all comes full circle when a previous employee of the boat, who Max has had a crush on for years, turns to their services for her 25th birthday party. He takes the opportunity to throw her the ultimate party and confess his love—even though she has a boyfriend.

“We were about an hour north of Atlanta for three weeks but only fifteen shooting days… I was a little nervous that the boat would start to feel small throughout the movie, but it never did,” recalls Davern.

Production began in early May and the film was released on August 24th.

In regards to the relationship between he and Mirchoff, Davern says, “We met seven years ago to do Awkward—and we had never met before—and it was love at first sight. It really was. It was bromance at first sight.”

The film also stars Demetrius Bridges (Vampire Diaries), Katie Leclerc (ABC Family’s Switched at Birth), Jay Mohr (Ghost Whisperer) and YouTuber J.C. Caylen. It’s now streaming, for free, exclusively on and you can catch more of Davern on his podcast, The Brett Davern Show.