10 Years of August Burns Red with Jake Luhrs & Matt Greiner

The Nick Major Show: August Burns Red interview December 4, 2017 at 11:00 AM

I recently sat down with Jake Luhrs and Matt Greiner of August Burns Red. The conversation kicks off with discussing how they’ve managed to be a part of the same band of over a decade.

“It’s tough when you’re in a band because you’re around each other all the time,” drummer Matt Greiner says and vocalist Jake Luhrs jokes, “It’s like being married to the same 12 people without the sex”.

They also, amongst other things, dive into the consistent (and progressive) style of music the band has maintained over the years. “We’re never gonna go to full-blown singing. It’s not who we are… We stay in our lane,” Luhrs says—in regards to the band’s distinct sound. He continues, “We don’t wanna follow the [metal] genre, we wanna lead the genre”. Greiner also breaks down his love for drums and how he still challenges himself after nearly 15 years.

Watch the full video interview to hear what they have to say about plenty more, including the music video for their now Grammy-nominated track “Invisible Enemy”.

I also want to personally congratulate the ABR guys on their GRAMMY nomination this week. It is their second time being nominated and since I feel this scene is often overlooked by such events, it’s truly amazing to see such humble, talented guys get the recognition for their work that they deserve. Best of luck at the award show, boys. Gonna be hard to top the firetruck arrival of 2015!

Check out August Burns Red’s latest album ‘Phantom Anthem’, available now on Fearless Records.