• Premiere
    Tuesdays 10 pm ET idobi Radio
  • Replay
    Wednesdays 3 am ET idobi Radio
  • Replay
    Fridays 1 pm ET idobi Radio
  • Replay
    Saturdays 8 am ET idobi Radio
  • Replay
    Mondays 7 pm ET idobi Radio


Show Description

The Nick Major show brings a live, listener-interactive hour each Monday night where those tuning in are encouraged to Tweet along to the various talking points, suggest songs and occasionally call in. The back-and-forward banter between Major and his triplet brother / unofficial co-host Geoffrey, leads to 60 minutes of unscripted, on-the-spot conversations all over the spectrum from music, video-games, movies, politics, current events and more. Tune in to The Nick Major Show LIVE Monday’s 4PM PST / 7PM EST on idobi Radio, and catch an encore later in the week.

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