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5 Disney Princess Songs That Could Transform Into Pop-Punk Anthems

Against The Current x Tangled 2023

When you think about your favorite childhood films, it is likely that a Disney Princess or two come to mind. If you grew up in the late 90s or early 2000s, you were probably obsessed with singing songs from each soundtrack with your parents. Something is to be said about how this music made us feel as kids. With today’s diverse and inclusive lineup of characters, how this music makes us feel today. 

The current catalog of Disney Princess songs features a wide range of genres and cultural influences. From the shimmering sounds of Middle Eastern guitars in ‘Aladdin,’ to the inclusion of Scottish Gaelic tunes in ‘Brave,’ each soundtrack immerses viewers in a whole new world. More importantly, they encourage us to embrace the unknown and find ourselves in the process.

Here at idobi, we couldn’t help but wonder… if our beloved Disney Princess soundtracks could transform into scene anthems? Think back on your favorite Warped Tour bands—they arguably write about the same topics and struggles the Disney Princesses experience, whether it’s leaving their hometown or escaping the status quo. Yes, it seems like a stretch at first glance. But we contend that all that’s really needed is a slight pop-punk makeover. Just add some distorted guitars, swap the tiaras for Vans, and bring a hard-hitting drum kit into the mix. 

It’s time to wish upon a star! Here are 5 Disney Princess songs that could be remade into pop-punk bangers. 

“Part Of Your World” — The Little Mermaid 

The Little Mermaid’ remains one of the most beloved films in the Disney canon. “Part Of Your World” dives into Ariel’s longing for love and life on land through sweeping orchestral strings and dynamic vocal melodies. While the song is a ballad, the combination of theatrical arrangement with Ariel’s vocal delivery creates a sonic tension that carries through until the end. When she sings “Bright young women/Sick of swimming/Ready to stand,” the music crescendos as the character becomes more self-assured in what she wants: a life outside of her “hometown” of the water, which is pretty pop-punk in it of itself. A Day To Remember and The Wonder Years could relate to Ariel’s longing for adventure.

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We think Meet Me @ The Altar would do a fantastic job turning this song into an inclusive feminist anthem. Known for their love of Disney films like ‘Freaky Friday‘ (and even covering “Take Me Away”), the all-girl band would give “Part Of Your World” a brand new life with Edith’s crystal clear vocals and some distorted guitar chugs. We can even picture the group slowing down the beginning of the song, allowing for more dynamic changes as the track progresses. An easycore breakdown would fit perfectly as a pop-punk outro for “Part Of Your World.” Meet Me @ The Altar reflects Ariel’s strength as an individual and the more inclusive representation embraced by the live-action film.

“I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” — Mulan 

This iconic group number from ‘Mulan’ explores the themes of toxic masculinity but with a twist. “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” plays during the film’s military training montage. The arrangement takes the form of a musical theater group number, as multiple characters sing solos and join in on the background chants. These gang vocals sing “Be a man” and are reminiscent of Fall Out Boy’s chant in “Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes.” In the last 30 seconds, all of the instruments fade away, leaving a vocal performance that gives the track a deep and powerful low-end. 

Gender fluidity is an important theme that runs throughout the entire ‘Mulan’ soundtrack and film. We all know this track’s title and emphasis on masculinity is ironic, as Mulan transforms into a soldier who can fight better than the boys. But the subject of gender identity is not binary, it is a spectrum. NOAHFINNCE would be the perfect artist to perform the song not only because of his artistry but also because of his personal journey coming out as a transgender man in 2017. In both his YouTube videos and his music, NOAHFINNCE is outspoken about LGBTQIA+ topics with the goal of helping others who are going through the same challenges. He reminds us of this spectrum and empowers listeners worldwide to be authentically who they are. Plus, we think his blend of straightforward pop-punk and hyper-pop elements would make for a fresh rendition. 

“Colors Of The Wind” — Pocahontas

Let’s not forget one of the most underrated princesses of all time: Pocahontas. She made history as the first woman of color to be a lead character in her titular 1995 Disney film. Today, she continues to symbolize inclusivity and Native American pride. “Colors Of The Wind” is a powerful commentary on the Native American experience, land preservation, and the beauty of multiculturalism. Just check out these lyrics: “You think you own whatever land you land on/The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim/But I know every rock and tree and creature/Has a life, has a spirit, has a name.” 

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Incorporating a flute, orchestral instruments, guitars, and keys, “Colors Of The Wind” is a versatile composition that deserves a strong vocalist. We’d love to hear WILLOW put her own spin on the track, particularly because of her vocal tone. Her rasp and natural vibrato continuously add new layers of emotion to her original music, and we think it could emphasize the serious themes of “Colors Of The Wind” with a punk attitude. Plus, WILLOW could modernize the track by altering some of the lyrics to share her experience as a woman of color in today’s world. 

“Something There” — Beauty And The Beast

It’s easy to see that Princess Belle is one of the most pop-punk princesses in existence. ‘Beauty And The Beast’ features an amazing soundtrack, with one of the most underrated tunes titled “Something There.” The group number follows Belle and the Beast (aka Prince Adam) as they begin to fall in love. The arrangement’s use of bells and flutes gives it a hopeful and upbeat tone. Plus, “Something There” reprises Belle’s original theme, only this time she sings about how much the Beast has changed. The musical callback is a clever way to highlight both characters’ development. 

While there are plenty of pop-punk duets in existence, Magnolia Park’s Joshua Roberts and Charlotte Sands, two leading figureheads in the next generation of pop-punk, could make something truly magical with this song. Both are powerhouse vocalists that we think could harmonize together and play these parts well. Just replace the flutes with chugging rhythm guitars, and you got yourselves a pop-punk love song! 

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“When Will My Life Begin?” — Tangled

Rapunzel’s assertive spirit and rebellious streak would easily make her a Warped Tour kid. “When Will My Life Begin?” tells a relatable coming-of-age story about wanting to break free from one’s overprotective parents. Plus, Mandy Moore sings the song, who was, in fact, an early-2000s pop-rock queen. 

“When Will My Life Begin?” features a more traditional full-band arrangement, complete with acoustic guitars and upbeat drum fills. It wouldn’t take much to transform this song into pop-punk anthem. Throw in some distorted guitar leads, and it could become an Against The Current tune. Chrissy Costanza’s vocals would give the song the rock sensibility that it deserves. She has a killer belting range that would make the song more dynamic while preserving the innocence of Moore’s rendition. Additionally, her presence as both a frontwoman and a gamer makes her incredibly multi-faceted. Overall, she reflects Rapunzel’s range of passions and interests that are shown in the film. 

Did we miss any? Let us know! 

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