- Thomas Falcone

By | August 2, 2019 at 12:00 PM

A guest so big on my show I could only fit one! Thomas Falcone called in and it was a doozy of an interview! Hear all about his gallery A Time Capsule he’ll be putting on on August 10th in New York City, you can RSVP for it here and a whole lot more! Also hear about Scooter Nebb’s surprise party, debauchery from my week and whatever else I decided to share with you guys!

Thomas is a very near and dear friend of mine and also one of my favorite photographers and he has a pop up art gallery coming your way in NYC in less than 2 weeks so I needed all of you to hear about it. He’s taken pictures of some of your favorite artists, been a part of some of your favorite live DVDs and literally everything. Tom is a hero and you should all go to his event which I’m posting the flyer for again right below!