Photos: Moose Blood in NYC

Photos by Audrey Lew By | July 27, 2016 at 1:56 PM

idobi photographer Audrey Lew covered the Moose Blood show at Webster Hall in NYC. Check out some photos from the show below!

Moose Blood
MooseBlood_0161MooseBlood_0160 MooseBlood_0195 MooseBlood_0223-2 MooseBlood_0225 MooseBlood_0227 MooseBlood_0229

Can’t Swim
CantSwim_0087CantSwim_0083 CantSwim_0120 CantSwim_0136 CantSwim_0137 CantSwim_0145

Young and Heartless
YoungandHeartless_0006YoungandHeartless_0004 YoungandHeartless_0014 YoungandHeartless_0049 YoungandHeartless_9977

Candy Hearts
Candyhearts_9961Candyhearts_9946 Candyhearts_9966