Photos: Cage The Elephant in New York

Photos by Taylor Rambo By | April 7, 2016 at 3:54 PM

idobi photographer Taylor Rambo  covered Cage The Elephant  at Main Street Armory in Rochester, NY.  Check  out  some photos from the show  below!

Cage The ElephantCage The Elephant-5 Cage The Elephant-3 Cage The Elephant-6 Cage The Elephant-7 Cage The Elephant-8 Cage The Elephant-4 Cage The Elephant-9 Cage The Elephant-10 Cage The Elephant-11 Cage The Elephant-12 Cage The Elephant-1 Cage The Elephant-2

Silversun PickupsSilversun Pickups-1 Silversun Pickups-2 Silversun Pickups-3 Silversun Pickups-4 Silversun Pickups-5 Silversun Pickups-6 Silversun Pickups-7 Silversun Pickups-8 Silversun Pickups-9 Silversun Pickups-10

FoalsFoals-1 Foals-2 Foals-3 Foals-4 Foals-5 Foals-6 Foals-7 Foals-8 Foals-9 Foals-10

Bear HandsBear Hands-1 Bear Hands-2 Bear Hands-3 Bear Hands-4 Bear Hands-9 Bear Hands-8 Bear Hands-5 Bear Hands-6 Bear Hands-7 Bear Hands-10