Trumpers Storm the Capitol and Continue to Undermine Democracy

By | January 6, 2021 at 6:29 PM
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While we are stoked on the Georgia runoff election results, it seems that some people are very unhappy about it. Pro-Trump rioters have taken to the Capitol today and mobbed the senate floor to stop the certification of the electoral votes. According to CNN, this marks the first time the Capitol building has been breached since August of 1814 during the war of 1812. Senate and House members, as well as Mike Pence, were evacuated and are in undisclosed locations. Biden has called upon Trump to go on national television to call and end the siege after his “tepid” reaction to the riots. The Army activated the 1,100 National Guard troops in Maryland to help the situation. The building is officially secure according to the New York Times. One person was shot and 13 were arrested. If you’re in the DC area, take note that there is a curfew in place from 6pm–6am tomorrow. We’ve never seen anything like this folks, of course, this is the ugly and inevitable result of the past 4 years under Trump.