PHOTOS: Tegan and Sara in Canada

By Lindsey Blane By | March 7, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Tegan and Sara seem to have a nonstop touring schedule this year and idobi photographer Lindsey Blane got to catch their show at the Royal Theatre in Victoria, BC. Check out the photos of the duo as well as openers The Courtneys below!

Tegan and Sara

tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-01 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-02 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-03 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-04 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-05 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-06 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-07 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-08 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-09 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-10 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-11 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-12 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-13 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-14 tegan-and-sara-03-04-2014-15

The Courtneys

the-courtneys-03-04-2014-1 the-courtneys-03-04-2014-2 the-courtneys-03-04-2014-3