New Politics Share Another Fantastic New Song “Madeleine”

By | September 14, 2017 at 12:21 PM

Photo credit: Cody Black

New Politics are back at it again with the epic new songs—they’ve just dropped “Madeleine”, a real foot-stomper that’s gonna make you want to purchase a top hat, a cane, and go marching down the street in some sort of punk parade. Yeah, it’s that kind of fantastic. A message from the band reads:

“‘Madeleine’ is inspired by a close friend. She is one of the few people you are lucky enough to meet who accepts you for who you are and attracts people around them just because of who they are. We were touched by the sense of community she created by being herself, her uplifting spirit and when she moved away we knew that she had to go and find her own path.”

This is the fourth song to be taken from their upcoming record Lost In Translation, which is due out on October 6 via DCD2/Warner Bros, and if you haven’t pre-ordered already, you need to fix that immediately right here. While you wait for your pre-order of Lost In Translation to arrive, hit play below and come join us in marching to the beat of “Madeleine”.