idobi’s Guest ‘Gram: 1/11

By | January 11, 2021 at 5:00 PM

Who’s on air this week? Scroll through idobi’s Guest ‘Gram to get the 411.

(P.S. Do people still say 411?)


Babes Behind The Beats
Photo by Christophe Crénel

babesbehindthebeats Laura Cox on 1/13 @ 7pm ET on #idobiRadio

The Gunz Show

Photo by Betsy Martinez

thegunzshow Jess Bowen (drummer, host of Babes Behind The Beats) on 1/13 @ 9pm ET on #idobiRadio

Wesam’s World
Photo via Flat Earth Conference

wesamsworld David Weiss (host of The Flat Earth Podcast) on Thursday, 1/14 @ 6pm ET on #idobiRadio

The Way Highway

thewayhighway Bernardo Pacheco (producer of The Way Highway) on Thursday, 1/14 @ 7pm ET on #idobiRadio

Gone Fishkin
Photo: The High Plains Drifters by Kyoko Takenaka / Yesod Williams by Michael Rodriguez

gonefishkin The High Plains Drifters + Yesod Williams (drummer for Pepper, host of Disposable Heroes) on Thursday, 1/14 @ 9pm ET on #idobiRadio

Disposable Heroes

disposableheroes Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett on Friday, 1/15 @ 6pm ET on #idobiRadio