Photos: Being As An Ocean/Hundredth/Counterparts

By Gaëlle Pitrel By | February 24, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Being As An Ocean, Hundredth, Counterparts, Polar and Napoleon hit Paris hard at their show at le Batofar on February 17th. Check out photos from that night shot by idobi photographer Gaëlle Pitrel.

Being As An Ocean

being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-09 being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-01 being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-02 being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-04 being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-03 being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-05 being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-08 being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-10being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-07 being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-11being-as-an-ocean-17-02-2014-06


hundredth-17-02-2014-01 hundredth-17-02-2014-02 hundredth-17-02-2014-03 hundredth-17-02-2014-04


counterparts-17-02-2014-01 counterparts-17-02-2014-02 counterparts-17-02-2014-03 counterparts-17-02-2014-04


polar-17-02-2014-01 polar-17-02-2014-02 polar-17-02-2014-03 polar-17-02-2014-04


napoleon-17-02-2014-01 napoleon-17-02-2014-02 napoleon-17-02-2014-03

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