Can You Hear Me? Misfit Mondays: The Story of All of Us

July 18, 2016 at 5:30 PM

Sometimes all you need is to know somebody is listening. To know that you have a voice, and that you can & will be heard. Can You Hear Me?’s goal is to make sure we all feel this way, no matter what, which is a message that has resonated with so many. We hope more of you will hear and spread this incredibly important message. In this week’s episode of Misfit Mondays, meet some of CYHM?’s Teen Reps who’ve already been inspired by this message; hear their stories and find how much CYHM? means to them. This is their story. This is our story. This is your story.


About Can You Hear Me?:

CYHM?™ is here to give a platform for teens and young adults to speak out, express themselves, and be heard without the lecture, judgment, hostility, conflict, condescension or reaction. Through the CYHM?™ website and all of the CYHM?™ social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter we offer a “safe” place for teens and young adults to simply be HEARD.