idobi Sessions: RadioBlack – “Sunny Daze”

October 25, 2017 at 3:00 PM

“Sunny Daze” might be behind us as we head into fall, but the track from Radioblack is, literally, right in front of us. The stellar rock back swung by our studios to give us a one of a kind performance, and now we know what love feels like.

The easygoing acoustic track has a melody that won’t leave your head for days to come—not that you’ll mind with a song this beautiful. While you’re singing along, you can make plans to see the band during their free Halloween show in Los Angeles this Thursday (10/26).

RSVP to the show here, then hit play on “Sunny Daze” below, because “love don’t need to be psychotic,” but it does need to find its way to this session.