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Tan France from Next In Fashion, Luther: Fallen Sun, Chang Can Dunk, The Last of Us, Unprisoned, The Mandalorian S3, Champions

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Chang Can Dunk + Champions

We’re always ready for a good cocktail and these two movies mix family drama, comedy, basketball, and character arcs that swerve on you. Julian says Champions, “…starts out a little slow in terms of enjoyment, but once it gets into its second act, it really comes together.” Sherin rebounded with thoughts on Chang Can Dunk saying, “As a basketball movie, as a family movie, as a teen movie, Chang Can Dunk is built different. It reflects who a real kid who dreams, struggles, and re-envisions themselves might be.”

Tan France from Next In Fashion

Next In Fashion is infinitely binge-able. Have you watched season 2 yet? And did you pick the winner from episode one? We did! We also got to sip tea with Tan France. 


“Awkwardly bubbly and neurotic, Paige (Kerry Washington is working through years of resentment and disappointment,” meanwhile her dad, Edwin, (Delroy Lindo) is a “magnetic and swaggy formerly convicted man with the charm of a grifter.” That’s how Sherin describes the leading characters from the new Hulu dramedy. We didn’t expect this one, although we knew Washington and Lindo would be an unstoppable duo. Sherin binged every single episode and calls Unprisoned, “A story about relationships and helping each other to heal from the damage we inflict on each other. It is also about a woman breaking the shell that emotional neglect and abandonment has built around her—but Unprisoned approaches us with saucy comedy and sharp insights on how not normal we all are.” She went on to say, “this series shows we relate most when we are our most unfiltered selves.”

The Mandalorian: S3 E2

Sherin wants to tell you about the new season of The Mandalorian and why you have to watch episode 2. Tomorrow. As soon as it drops. Bo Katan commands it. Although Grogu is Sherin’s favorite little nugget, you can’t accuse of her watching for cuteness alone. When she talks about the series, she says, “I’m just enchanted.”

Luther: Fallen Sun

Luther AKA Elseworlds Batman is back for another game of chess with another brutal but brilliant serial killer. Julian feels the movie left out key components but came together well enough to keep him entertained in his first foray into the franchise. As a Luther veteran, Sherin had similar thoughts, “While Luther: Fallen Sun isn’t the best of the franchise, the schism of chaos running between Idris Elba, Cynthia Erivo, and Andy Serkis is as entertainingly disturbing as it is streamable.”

The Last of Us

Before you scroll down to read Julian’s review of Scream VI, Julian and Sherin flashback to their favorite episodes of the HBO hit and Julian teases the season finale (at least he tries to). He didn’t want to spoil it but promises you are not prepared for The Last of Us episode 9.


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Scream 6: 1-graph Review

I didn’t get a chance to watch Scream, aka Scream 5, last year, but after the teasers and trailers for Scream 6, which takes place in Manhattan, it not only made me want to go and see this movie and also made me want to go back and watch the last one. With strong Jason takes Manhattan vibes from the trailer, the second in what in the universe calls this era of Scream a requel franchise does improve on the last one and does well by this new generation of Scream, and its more recent fans. Here we have sisters Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) back after the events of the last film, now with Tara in college with survivors and friends, the twins Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown) and Chad (Mason Gooding). Sam is still struggling with her past, her connection to Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich), and the fame from surviving a Ghostface serial murder event. Still, unlike the previous hero Sidney Prescott, Sam is actually hated by the public. People think she’s the killer instead of the real killers from the last film. An interesting flip as a new Ghostface killer is in NYC chasing after Sam, and Tara now has a new playground of being in a full city instead of the quiet suburbs. It has a pretty hectic pace and is able to build tension and a new harshness to all the kills, even more than the last one. Not many huge jump scares, but it’s still engrossing, and you want to see how this group gets picked off, along with trying to make out who the killer is. The meta-ness of the franchise is back in full force, and this one reference Scream 2 just as 5 did the first film. It’s good to see Hayden Panettiere back as Kirby Reed from 4 and, of course, Courtney Cox as the OG Gale Weathers. All the actors do great here, and I think overall, Scream is back for real, and I’m ready for a 7.

Rating: B+


Champions: 1-graph Review

People, we finally have Woody Harrelson back in a basketball movie!!! In this film, Champions Harrelson plays Marcus, a G-League assistant basketball coach. After blowing up on his head coach (played by Ernie Hudson) and getting a DUI, he does community service. That community service is coaching a team with intellectual disabilities. The movie starts out a little slow in terms of enjoyment, but once it’s gets into its second act, it really comes together. You really get the charm of not only Marcus but of all the players. What is a new take for me is that this shows people with disabilities not as children but older as young adults—folks with jobs and love lives and everything. I really enjoyed that because I’m so used to the focus of these movies being children or young high schoolers that I felt this movie was going to be a bit rote. Harrelson’s Marcus does have a love interest in Alex, played by Kaitlin Olsen – a sister of one of the players on the team. It doesn’t overstay its welcome or take too much away from the main plot. The movie is very funny and heartwarming and does well in being a good basketball sports movie.

Rating: B


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