- Frank Iero and The Future Violents, Taking Back Sunday, Hoodie Allen crew, Weathers Co-hosts Gianni & Kyle

By | April 12, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Let us gooooo! Gianni & Kyle came by to co-host, Frank Iero stopped in to talk with me, you’re going to hear a clip from Rewind & Pause: Taking Back Sunday which airs Monday 4/15 at 6pm ET, we called everyone in the Hoodie Allen crew AND you guys called in plus I’m giving you a bonus interview/performance with Weathers!

I’m a huge fan of Gianni & Kyle and you’ll hear why when we’re BSing back and forth. They’re up and comers who by next year they’ll be taking over the world. Saw them open for Hoodie Allen in LA and instantly fell in love. These dudes are about to do some real cool shit so be on the lookout.

Frank Iero stopped by the studio and it was a huge honor. Frank is putting out his 3rd record Barriers on May 31st and I got a sneak peek of it and can’t stop listening to it. Hear all about Frank’s solo career, different band changes, colors he hears that go with the album and so much more! Also you’ll get to see the interview next week cause we gunna throw it up on our YouTube!

I got to hangout with Adam and Shaun of Taking Back Sunday on their bus to record a special called Rewind & Pause: Taking Back Sunday which airs Monday 4/15 at 6pm ET. We’re taking a trip from 1999 till present day Taking Back Sunday talking about literally everything you and I wanna know about their incredible history.

We also called Hoodie, Nicky C, Jimmy K, and Alex Mark Howard live on air. Only Nicky C and Jimmy K answered but it was a very special moment.

Weathers stopped by the studio and they rule. They played a couple of songs acoustic and I needed to put it in my podcast cause it was that damn good. You’re welcome.