- Christian McAlhaney, We Were Sharks

By | July 9, 2020 at 9:50 AM

Photo: Christian McAlhaney by Walk Into The Light Photography

Welcome back to another episode of The Gunz Show. This week, Gunz is curing your quarantine woes with his pal Christian McAlhaney and Ottawa band We Were Sharks.

You might have heard of Christian McAlhaney… well, everywhere. As part of Acceptance, Anberlin, and Loose Talk the legendary guitarist has plenty to talk about. From a new Acceptance single to an Anberlin live stream, hear it all when he calls in to The Gunz Show.

Later, Colin and Randy of We Were Sharks join Gunz to talk about quarantine in Canada, the work it takes to be a band, and working with old material again. Tune in now!