- The Good Place was Inside the Bad Place All Along: Season 3 and Forking Philosophy

By | September 26, 2018 at 2:30 PM
Top: The Good Place (Photos: Justin Lubin/NBC) // Bottom left: The Lovely Bones (Paramount) 
Bottom right: Flatliners (Columbia Pictures)

Welcome! Everything is Fine.
Season 3 of The Good Place starts tomorrow on NBC and holy shirtballs are we excited. Sherin and Soma tell Philip why he needs to watch the show—they break down the characters and tease what to expect from the new season. Sherin also dishes out one of her patented Sherin Theories™️ (seriously, they’re always so on point they either turn out true or you wish they were…you have been warned).

The Afterlife Meets the Screen
From one Good Place to some other spiritual realms, Sherin, Soma, and Philip talk about the other TV shows and movies that feature versions of the afterlife. They offer up some of their philosophies on different storylines and why some worked while others left them in disbelief.

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