- Remembering Tim Landers

By | February 7, 2019 at 2:00 PM

We are saddened by the unexpected death of our good friend, great human, and talented musician Tim Landers from Transit and Misser. Gunz plays various interviews that he had with Tim throughout the years—2010, 2011 and more.

Gunz used to text Tim and have him come on A LOT. Original The Gunz Show listeners became accustomed to Tim and his awesome personality from his constant being on the show throughout the years. Gunz kept the first interview as it is: Unedited, even including the “pre show talk” because he wanted it to resonate and be as real as possible (“Does MA stand for Massachusetts?”)

“What made Tim so special to me is that he kept giving me a chance when I was just starting out broadcasting and wasn’t really even good. And for that, and his music, and just his friendship, I will always remember.” – Gunz