- San Diego Comic Con Fried Our Brains

By | July 31, 2016 at 6:00 PM
Neil Gaiman's American Gods panel. Photo credit: Dave Mass

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods panel. Photo credit: Dave Mass

Everything that Came Out of San Diego Comic Con Fried Our Brains and Now We’re Gonna Fry Yours too—You’re Welcome

The title says it all, really—SDCC happened last weekend, and we’re only just recovering. Half the stuff that happened was so freakin’ AWESOME, if you’re anything like us, your brains are still trying to catch up with what your eyes witnessed. But lucky for y’all, we’re here to help. Geek Girl Riot’s Sherin Nicole, Day Al-Mohamed, and Kat Bittner got together to talk about everything you need to know about what went down—and a little bit more. The three GGRioteers talk about their biggest freakouts of the weekend (helloooooo Suicide Squad’s individual trailers), how cons need to up their game on Snapchat, and Wonder Woman’s punk rock haircut. They also dive into all the upcoming Marvel Netflix properties (holy Iron Fist can we wait any longer?!), shudder over The Blair Witch Project, and of course, discuss all things Neil Gaiman and his American Gods. Hear them talk diversity, panels, and shows, find out what Kat’s nickname for Michael Fassbender is (trust us, it’s gold), along with everything in between.

[Editor’s note: Also on the Sherlock panel were English television producer Sue Vertue, and actress Amanda Abbington who plays Mary in the TV show. We’re blaming Sherin’s lack of name remembrance at the time of recording on all the brain-frying she experienced from SDCC.]