- Netflix Commitment Rings

By | June 28, 2016 at 1:30 PM

First comes Netflix & Chill, now comes Netflix and, uh… commitment rings?


Photo credit: seriescommitment.com

Brace yourselves, we’re about to get real here: Netflix is the best and worst thing to happen to society. Sure, we can watch our old and new favorite shows, and never have to wait for the next episode (or even press anything for it to start). But there’s also the fact that we are no longer able to control ourselves. One episode turns into one season, one hour turns into “holy crap is it 4am already?”, and worst of all comes the point of no return: “my SO can miss just one episode if I skip ahead, right?” NO. Absolutely not. This is the worst kind of betrayal imaginable in our #firstworldproblem world, like, ever. But you’ve all really gotta Netflix & chill out, because fortunately now there is a #firstworldsolution. Cornetto’s Netflix commitment rings. Yup, fo’ reals. Listen in as Geek Girl Riot’s Cindy Tenicela tells you all about these magical devices, and watch Cornetto’s video below: