You’re Not Alone With Sleeping With Sirens

By | June 19, 2019 at 2:15 PM

Sleeping With Sirens dropped an amazing new single this morning. The song, “Leave It All Behind” is heavy, a true rock hit. While the song maintains full force rock from beginning to end it is also incredibly vulnerable. For anyone who is in, or has ever been in a dark place the lyrics are an emotional masterpiece. For people who have never felt it, the song champions despair and shines a light on pain unknown. It’s really beautiful.

“Would you be so surprised if I gave up tonight?
I’m barely breathing, I wanna kill the pain I feel inside
But I won’t quit for the people I love
So I’ll say I’m fine until the day I fucking see the light”

“If you feel like you are nothing
If you feel like letting go
I’ll be your hope when you are hopeless
Together we are not alone
You’re not alone”

Musically the band puts their talent on full display. With sonic elements from all around the widespread “Rock” genre, the song is meaty without being sloppy, precise without being too clean. The song is more a battle cry against loneliness than a heartbreaking plea. The single precedes the band’s upcoming September 6 release of their album “How It Feels To Be Lost”.