Surprise! The Maine is Jacking into the idobi Stream to Throw You a RDLParty

By | June 23, 2016 at 7:40 PM


Wait, what’s that? Holy– Surprise! The Maine is jacking into the idobi stream from miles away… on day one of Vans Warped Tour, in fact—to bring you the exclusive track-by-track of their brand new release, Covers (Side B). That’s right, The Maine is throwing the greatest surprise birthday Release Day Listening Party EVER, and you’re all invited.

Tune in tomorrow on release day, that’s Friday, June 24th at 7PM ET, to hear them play Covers (Side B) in full, including a special bonus track you won’t hear anywhere else on the internet. They’ll also air some tracks from Covers (Side A) and talk to us from their very own vape lounge (AKA tour bus) on important topics like revisiting their childhood anthems, why Drake is from Canada and other conspiracy theories, and how windows are the true TV to nature. True story.

Tune in Friday, June 24th at 7PM ET to hear The Maine play their brand new record Covers (Side B) in full, on release day, in their own Release Day Listening Party, right here on idobi Radio: