Sharon Osbourne Talk Show Off To Slow Start

By | August 11, 2003 at 12:00 AM

It seems like the moment it was announced that Sharon Osbourne was planning her own talk show, news has been trickling out that there’s trouble on the set. Just a week ago, a staff person told the New York Post that the show’s producers were unable to decide on the show’s direction, which was resulting in lots of false starts and stops. Now comes word that the Osbournes matriarch herself caused the production staffers some headaches when she decided to stay in England rather than returning to the States last weekend to do some preliminary shooting.

PeopleNews reports that Mrs. Prince Of Darkness stayed in Britain and gave a last-minute call to the show’s execs to let them know she was indisposed. The delay is thought to be temporary and not to affect the show’s September start date.

The stress of the show’s uncertainty has apparently taken its toll on some of its personnel. The Post reported that at least two staffers have been taken to the hospital-one after a seizure and one for an asthma attack.

The show is supposed to be a blend of the best of other talk shows-part celebrity interview, part stories about real people and a reality segment on Osbourne and her unconventional life-and it’s set to debut on September 15.

Sharon Osbourne says that-no matter what television projects are cooking for the Osbourne family, her husband’s Ozzfest tour is successful. “It’s selling out this year,” Sharon said. “So as far as Ozzy’s musical career goes it’s as big as it ever has been. So, this hasn’t added to it because Ozzy always sells out.”