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Rolling Stones Remember Roadie, Switch Rehearsal Site

The Rolling Stones are staying relatively quiet about the death of longtime road-crew member Royden Walter “Chuch” Magee III during tour rehearsals last week. However, the group has moved its operations away from the scene of his passing.

In a brief posting in the news section of the band’s official website ( rollingstones.com), the Stones stated that they “are deeply saddened” by Magee’s death. Magee, the Head Crew Chief who was in his 30th year with the Stones, suffered what is thought to have been a fatal heart attack on Thursday (July 18) at a rehearsal for the band’s upcoming North American tour, although Canadian officials would not confirm the cause of death until Michigan native Magee’s next of kin could be contacted.

The group, meanwhile, moved from Crescent School in Toronto’s North York section-where they’d begun tour rehearsals-to CTV studios in the Old Masonic Temple on the city’s Yonge Street. There’s no word about whether or not the move was planned before Magee’s death.

The Rolling Stones tour is still slated to kick off September 3 in Boston.