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R.E.M. Remixes Available Online

R.E.M. has posted a gift for its fans on the band’s website (remhq.com): an album’s worth of remixes of tracks from its most recent collection, Reveal. The 10 tracks were done by a variety of remixers, including Andy Lemaster, Jamie Candiloro, and Marc Bianchi. The site features six songs from Reveal, including four different takes of “I’ve Been High.” There are no plans to release the remixes commercially.

The full list of remixes includes: “The Lifting” (Now It’s Overhead mix by Andy Lemaster); “The Lifting” (Knobody/Dahoud Darien for 12 Nations); “I’ll Take The Rain” (Jamie Candiloro); “She Just Wants To Be” (Candiloro); “I’ve Been High” (Matthew “Intended” Herbert); “I’ve Been High” (Knobody/Dahoud Darien for 12 Nations); “I’ve Been High” (Chef); “I’ve Been High” (Her Space Holiday/Marc Bianchi); “Beachball” (Chef); and “Summer Turns To High” (Her Space Holiday/Marc Bianchi).