PHOTOS: Acoustic Basement Tour on Long Island

By Audrey Lew By | February 25, 2014 at 12:30 PM

The Acoustic Basement Tour hit Amityville Music Hall in Long Island, NY on February 22nd. Transit, Hit The Lights, Brian Marquis, Front Porch Step, and Giants At Large all played to a packed crowd with fans singing back every word. idobi Photographer Audrey Lew was in attendance to capture the show and you can check out her shots below.


transit-20140222_001 transit-20140222_002 transit-20140222_003 transit-20140222_004 transit-20140222_005 transit-20140222_006 transit-20140222_007

Hit The Lights

hitthelights-20140222_001 hitthelights-20140222_002 hitthelights-20140222_003 hitthelights-20140222_004 hitthelights-20140222_005 hitthelights-20140222_006 hitthelights-20140222_007

Brian Marquis

brianmarquis-20140222_001 brianmarquis-20140222_002 brianmarquis-20140222_003 brianmarquis-20140222_004 brianmarquis-20140222_005

Front Porch Step

frontporchstep-20140222_001 frontporchstep-20140222_002 frontporchstep-20140222_003 frontporchstep-20140222_004

Giants At Large

giantsatlarge-20140222_001 giantsatlarge-20140222_002 giantsatlarge-20140222_003 giantsatlarge-20140222_004