New Chase Atlantic Single “LOVE IS (NOT) EASY”

By | June 14, 2019 at 9:30 AM

Chase Atlantic dropped a new song that uses space travel as a metaphor for love because, as the song says, “LOVE IS (NOT) EASY”. The storyline of the video follows singer, Mitchel Cave as he and the band venture into the unknown after saying a sad farewell. In a press release the band explained some history behind the lyrics for the song the band’s lead vocalist said “The song was inspired by a dear friend of ours who had recently suffered from heartbreak. He came into the studio and we asked him to write down how he felt and drew inspiration from both his story and our own personal situations. It’s kind of ironic how loving someone can be easy yet so difficult at the same time.” The song precedes the June 28, 2019 release of the bands much anticipated sophomore album, PHASES, and their headlining American tour that kicks off June 14th.