Lego Connects with New Braille Bricks

by Sarah Madden By | April 25, 2019 at 3:30 PM
Photo via Lego

Lego lives up to the origin of its name—first called ‘leg godt’ which translates to ‘play well’—with the release of its braille brick sets. The company has introduced this 250 piece set which includes the full alphabet, numbers from zero to ten, and math symbols. According to Philippe Chazal, Treasurer of the European Blind Union, low vision and vision impaired individuals tend to achieve higher levels of education and fair better when they learn braille. And it’s always easier to learn when the lesson is fun.

This Lego set will even come with “inspiration for teaching and interactive games”. Based on the touch writing system, the set will have corresponding written characters on the top of each brick for non-braille readers as they play and learn alongside their braille reading friends.

Originally proposed by two charities, Lego developed the new addition over a few years. The sets are now testing in Portuguese, Danish, English, and Norwegian, with Spanish, French, and German versions still in the works. Lego’s Senior Art Director Morten Bonde who, due to a genetic disorder is losing his vision, says: “Experiencing reactions from both students and teachers to Lego Braille Bricks has been hugely inspirational and reminded me that the only limitations I will meet in life are those I create in my mind”. A life long favorite toy for many, we’re happy to see more good come from Lego.

Photo via Lego