idobi’s Be You Louder Billboards in NY, Nashville, and LA

By | October 5, 2021 at 12:00 PM

At idobi we’re all about encouraging you to be your best damn self, which is why our latest billboard campaign celebrates that feeling. The Be You Louder campaign shows off some of our fabulous hosts being themselves—louder.

Each host is paired with some hashtags and some punk AF props to highlight who they are. Whether they’re out here breakin’ records or smoking the mic, you’ll see some familiar faces popping up around NYC, Nashville, and LA.

Catch ’em reppin’ idobi 24/7 on the streets and on idobi Radio—they’re cheering you on to Be You Louder.

“Be You Louder” credits:

Sherin Nicole, concept, creative director

Matt Vogel, art director, photographer

Sherin Nicole / Matt Vogel, designers

Sherin Nicole / Alex Bear, writers

Alex Bear / Aud Lew, project managers

Nikki Carmela, makeup artist

Jamal East, styling assistant

Jack Ryan, assistant


Bowie Jane

Katie Leclerc

Nick Major

Sasha Capelli 

Wesam Keesh

Yesod Williams