Hot Hot Heat Fight Sophomore Slump In April

By | December 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Hot Hot Heat are getting ready to pull off the bandages and rock the dance floor once again. The Canadian hipster dance-punk act have finished putting together the much-anticipated follow-up to 2002’s indie hit Make Up The Breakdown.

The band had hoped to get the new LP, Elevator, into your waiting arms by now, but for one reason or another, the release has been pushed back to April 2005. Over at the Hot Hot Heat website, the lads have posted the track list to tide fans over. Tongue-twister “You Owe Me An IOU” will be the first single to step off the Elevator with a March debut planned and HHH will start a pre-emptive strike tour in February.

Back in August, the band posted a recording update on the website, stating that Elevator will be “a way bigger leap from Make Up the Breakdown than we had anticipated.” The record was helmed by Dave Sardy (producer for The Dandy Warhols ) and saw some interesting guests hanging out in the studio – including members of The Unicorns and a mystery man referred to only as the “Drum Doctor,” who contributed a snare drum effect he put to good use on Nirvana’s classic, Nevermind.

More recent postings let us know that Dante DeCaro, the triple-H guitarist, decided a while back to leave the band, though he stuck around to co-write and record the new album like a pro. His departure seems to be on good terms and San Francisco native Luke Paquin will be taking his place in the band’s line-up for the upcoming tour.

Elevator track list:

  • “Running Out Of Time”
  • “Island Of The Honest Man”
  • “Dirty Mouth”
  • “You Owe Me An IOU”
  • “No Jokes – Fact”
  • “Goodnight, Goodnight”
  • “Middle Of Nowhere”
  • “Pickin’ It Up”
  • “Ladies And Gentlemen”
  • “Elevator”
  • “Shame On You”
  • “Soldier In A Box”
  • “Jingle Jangle”