Life Can’t Get Much Better Than Good Charlotte’s Youth Authority Release Day Listening Party!

Hosted by Benji Madden tonight at 7PM ET By | July 15, 2016 at 1:30 PM

Let’s go now it’s open season! We proclaim today a national holiday—because Good Charlotte are back with a new album Youth Authority. Yup, it’s not just a 40 Oz. Dream any more: it’s here, and it’s the ultimate pop punk cause for celebration. And what better way to celebrate Youth Authority day than to have GC’s Benji Madden take over our airwaves? Life Can’t Get Much Better than this—listen in tonight at 7PM ET to hear Benji play the new record in full and take us through an in-depth discussion of each and every track. Hear him talk about the inspiration behind each song, the album’s collaborations, reference that Blind Melon video, and gush over his dogs. We know how y’all feel about pups.

Hello? You still breathing? We really need you to not faint right now, because you’ve got some counting down to do—to tonight at 7PM ET for Good Charlotte’s Youth Authority Release Day Listening Party!

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