Duran Duran to Kick Off World Tour with UK Gigs

By | December 11, 2003 at 12:00 AM

The pixie boots, eye-liner and teased hair may have gone, but fans of Duran Duran – who announced a world tour on Thursday – will be pleased their icons are not pipes and slippers, yet.

“The frilly shirts have been put away…but we take ourselves and how we look seriously,” band member Roger Taylor told Reuters.

“We’re not into check shirts.”

The 2004 World tour will kick off next April with their first British tour in 18 years, boasting the original line-up.

The band may be older but some things have stayed the same.

“The girls who followed us back in the 80s are now women in their 30s now, but they are just as enthusiastic,” said Taylor.

“The screams have just got deeper.”

After four gigs in Britain the tour will head to the United States, Japan, Australia and Europe.

“The shows will span our entire catalog. It will not just be stuff from the 80s,” he said.

Duran Duran, who hit the big time with “New Romantic” anthems like “Rio” and “The Reflex,” are currently touring in Australia with Robbie Williams.

When Taylor and Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Andy Taylor played a one-off show in London in October it sparked a rush by fans to secure tickets which changed hands on the Internet for 200 pounds.

“Seeing the five of us back together seems to do something special to people,” said Taylor.

“It has been great to see macho blokes dancing away to ‘Girls on Film.”‘