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Bacon Brothers Release New CD

Although “there’s a good level of creative tension,” Kevin Bacon doesn’t expect to be swapping insults with his brother, Michael, on VH1’s “Behind the Music.”

“Ours would be so boring that they would have to do a special edition of ‘Behind the Music: Most Boring Bands,”‘ the 43-year-old actor-musician tells People magazine in its July 9 issue.

The Bacon Brothers’ new CD is “Can’t Complain.”

“The thing we don’t do is get into petty, backbiting stuff. We don’t get drunk and punch each other out,” says Bacon, who starred in 1984’s “Footloose” and 2000’s “Hollow Man.”

“We’re famous for going to the hotel rooms and actually cleaning them up.”

The Bacon Brothers will be on tour through Sept. 3.