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Aimster follows Napster through the courts

Music-swapping service Aimster is following its nearly-namesake Napster into the courts with old adversary of P2P fans the RIAA leading the list of plaintiffs. However, the biggest bone of contention so far seems to be how to conduct the trial and where to hold it.

Judges have now ruled that all the cases should be heard as one, but with some parties in Florida, some in New York and some in California, geography has thus far proved the biggest problem. In an attempt to keep all parties reasonably happy, the judges have decided upon Chicago, deciding that it is as close to being equidistant from all parties as it is possible to get. The ruling is a blow to Aimster, which had hoped to keep the case in Albany.

Now they have put their maps and rulers down the legal eagles can get on with the job of deciding Aimster’s fate.

The consolidated cases will be presided over by Marvin E Aspen, chief judge of the US District Court in Chicago.