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311 Returns With 'From Chaos'

Rap-rockers 311 return to the spotlight today with the release of their sixth album, From Chaos, featuring first single, “You Wouldn’t Believe.”

As the name suggests, the album follows a turbulent time for the group, which was stuck in legal battles with its former label, Capricorn Records, before jumping to the Volcano label for a fresh start.

However, don’t expect such negative vibes to surface on From Chaos. The group, known for its positive vibe, continues to walk that walk on its latest album. Frontman Nick Hexum tells LAUNCH, “That’s a very valid thing to sing about and that’s cool, but right now it’s just so overdone that, you know, we kinda feel that we’re gonna do our part to give a different perspective because some kids are growing up and saying, you know, ‘I’m not that angry. You know, I like to rock out, I love to mosh, I love to have fun, I love the energy of punk rock music or metal or whatever, but I’m not necessarily mad at someone.’ It’s more of, like, a celebrational vibe with us.”

Meanwhile, Hexum tells LAUNCH that From Chaos pushes the sonic limits for the band. “We tried to make the hard stuff harder and the pretty stuff more beautiful.”

Look for 311 as one of the marquee acts on this year’s Vans Warped Tour, which kicks off in Phoenix on June 22.