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311 Inconvenienced By 7-Eleven Over T-Shirt Design

“No Shoes” or “No Shirt” will get you “No Service” at 7-Eleven stores, and treading on the convenience store’s copyrighted logo will get you a warning from corporate headquarters.

311 learned that lesson when they recently received a cease-and-desist letter from 7-Eleven Inc., according to the band’s management company. The rap-and-reggae rockers have been selling a T-shirt that features the familiar 7-Eleven logo with the numeral “7” replaced by a “3.” They’ve since stopped selling the shirts on their current tour in support of From Chaos, which winds down November 1 in Las Vegas.

An outside law firm working for the corporation spotted the offending T-shirt design in July and alerted the home office’s legal department, according to a 7-Eleven spokesperson. The notice was sent September 27.

311’s management company had no further comment on the incident.