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A Lot Like Birds - For Shelley (Unheard) (request)
All Time Low - Last Young Renegade (request)
Backwards Dancer - Artists as Characters ft. Max Bemis (request)
Bad Case - Fool (request)
Call the Station - Run (request)
Catch Fire - Thin Ice (request)
Charmer - State Birds (request)
Civil Youth - Dark Debts (request)
Daisyhead - Common Ground (request)
Delta & Dawn - Walk Away (request)
Delta & Dawn - Can't Stop Falling (request)
Dozer TX - Fixated (request)
Dylan Taylor - Hurricane (ft. The Ready Set) (request)
Eat Your Heart Out - Patience (request)
Emarosa - Sure (request)
Envy On The Coast - Manic State Park (request)
Grayscale - Atlantic (request)
Have Mercy - Good Christian Man (request)
Hearts Like Lions - It's Not Gonna Be This Way (request)
I Fight Fail - Are You Okay (request)
Jule Vera - Lifeline (request)
king neptune - everyone is falling in love (request)
Lilac Lungs - Uh Oh (request)
Made For Broadway - All You Want Is Space (request)
Mom Jeans. - edward 40hands (request)
New Found Glory - Party On Apocalypse (request)
Paramore - Hard Times (request)
Patent Pending - Spice Up Your Life (request)
PINE - Viable (request)
Rad Horror - I Don't Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (request)
Real Friends - Empty Picture Frames (request)
Sainte - With Or Without Me (request)
Search & Seizure - The Professional (request)
Seasonal - Certainty (request)
Something More - It's Not About You Pt. II ft. Tillie (request)
Stages and Stereos - Julia Ghoulia (Over You) (request)
State Champs - Slow Burn (request)
Stateside - The Way We Were (request)
The Everyday Anthem - Wish You Well (request)
The Flatliners - Indoors (request)
The Johnsons - Scream (request)
The Maine - Black Butterflies and Deja Vu (request)
The Maine - Do You Remember (The Other Half of 23) (request)
The Smith Street Band - Birthdays (request)
Tonight Alive - World Away (request)
Wayfarers - Kings (request)
Weslynn - Black (request)
Westing - With You (request)
With Confidence - Long Night (request)
Young Lions - Burn The Money (request)
Youth Inc. - Smoke King (request)

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2 Unspoken Sleep On It
3 Human Being Chris Farren
4 Lighterless Microwave
5 Stupid For You Waterparks
6 Heaven Sent Trophy Eyes
7 Take Cover All Time Low
8 Afterparty Balance & Composure
9 Death Wolf Taking Back Sunday
10 The Monster From Indian Lakes
11 Rest In Peace Yellowcard
12 Okay As It Is
13 God Save Us All Sum 41
13 Wave Goodnight To Me Jeff Rosenstock
14 Defeatist Eisley
15 Betrayed By The Game Dance Gavin Dance
16 Technicolor SAINTE
17 Slam Seaway
18 Chit Chat Beach Weather
19 Caught Up Chapel
20 Pretty Little Distance As It Is

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