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Heavy Rotation
  • Gone
  • Say To You
    Bruce Wiegner
  • Talking To Myself and Imagining (Single) - Talking To Myself and Imagining
  • We Broke the World
    Fast Friends
  • How About Now feat. Phem (idobi Session)
  • Girls
    Jutes & Stay Over
  • I Hate Society
    Metro Station
  • Daydream
    My Kid Brother
  • Sick of Feeling Useless
    Neon Dreams
  • Wavelength
    Stand Atlantic
  • A Hymn for the Broken
    Tears of a Fallen Hero
  • SoSo
    The Henry Lawson Jive
  • Cathedral Bell
    The Used
  • The Lottery
    The Used
  • Better Off
    This Modern
  • Shadow

idobi Radio

Heavy Rotation
  • Now Now Now
    A Story Told
  • Animals
    Andy Fransco & the U.N
  • I Could Die Right Now
    Camden Welles
  • Bloodrush
    Crash Overcast
  • In Loving Memory
    First and Forever
  • The One
    Jet Jaguar
  • Not In this Economy
    Sydney Easton
  • Daydream
    Tiny Kingdoms
  • Alone
    Total Bummer
  • Slacker
    Total Bummer
  • Good Days
  • Waste Me
    What's Missing
  • Composure
    Yours Truly

idobi Radio

Fresh Picks
  • Where Were You
    We Set Signals
  • Join the Club
    Atlas for Home
  • Save Me
    Back On Earth
  • Catchphrase
    Dusty Miller
  • Smokescreen
  • Intoxicated
  • Lately I've Become
    My Life and Counting
  • Towers
  • Forever Now
    Seconds to Say
  • You're Falling Apart Kid
    Time Of The Mouth
  • An Honest Mistake
    Wolf & Chain

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6:54am ET
RadioActive Dads
The Way Highway
The Rockstar Dad Show
First Person
Dangerous Darrin
Awsten + Travis’ Slumber Party
Rock The Walls
Man Of The Hour
It’s News to Us
The CrankThatFrank Show
The Way Highway
Spinning Thoughts
The Rockstar Dad Show
First Person
For Real Tho
Peer Pleasure
In Frequency
RadioActive Dads

idobi Radio News

Man of the Hour Returns On Wednesday Feb 24!

February 19, 2021 | By Alex Bear

Eminem > Kanye in Em’s new album

August 31, 2018 | By The Gunz Show

A 5th Grader Stands Up To Bullying

June 13, 2018 | By The Gunz Show

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