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Heavy Rotation
  • Hold You Down
    First and Forever
  • This Mess
    Five North
  • Life For Me
  • Disarm
  • i wanna be cool.
    Super Whatevr ft. Lost Boy
  • Hit By A Car (In Euphoria)
    The Early November
  • Fighting With Yourself
    The Mowgli's
  • Overboard (Acoustic)
    The Stolen
  • Wake Up
  • High Definition
  • Wish We Never Met
  • Drops of Jupiter
    With Confidence

idobi Radio

Heavy Rotation
  • 2late
    American Teeth
  • Sound Asleep
  • About You
    Camden Welles
  • Ferris Wheel (Single)
    Cat Like Thief
  • Die Hard
    For I Am
  • Alacrity
    Four Stars
  • That's Not Me
    Hunter deBlanc
  • 3 Years
    The Ivory
  • Fools Gold
    The Young Hearts
  • Tides
    Tiny Kingdoms

idobi Radio

Fresh Picks
  • House Party
    Anja Kotar
  • No Mecy
    Between Now And Forever
  • Makeup
  • Vanity
    Elbow Room
  • Anvil
    Jet Jaguar
  • Summer Nights
    Leather Bound Crooks
  • Homesick
    Like Satellites
  • Catch Onto Us
    One Headlight High
  • Storm
    Real Aurora
  • Ghosted
    Scarlet Drive
  • Idiot
  • Throwing Shade
    The Baskervilles
  • Jeremy
    The Unsinkable

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First Person
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idobi Radio News

Eminem > Kanye in Em’s new album

August 31, 2018 | By The Gunz Show

A 5th Grader Stands Up To Bullying

June 13, 2018 | By The Gunz Show

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