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Another One Down! Unleashes ‘A Bitter Descent Deluxe’

Another One Down! Spring 2023

Prepare to dive into the world of Another One Down! as they unleash their latest offering: A Bitter Descent Deluxe. Building on the success of their debut album, released in November 2021, this extended version is a sonic treasure trove.

From the very first chord of the opening track “Please Don’t Walk Away,” Another One Down! grabs your attention and refuses to let go. A Bitter Descent Deluxe introduces an array of fresh songs that delve into the group’s raw emotion and unfiltered honesty. Get ready to experience a whirlwind of irresistible melodies and unforgettable hooks that will make you hit the replay button.

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Rather than simply expanding their 16-track, deluxe edition with new music, Another One Down! also showcases their versatility by reimagining a few of their earlier fan favorites in stunning acoustic renditions. idobi exclusively chatted with Another One Down! to delve into the impact of their debut, now in its deluxe form. Join us below for an in-depth track-by-track discussion that unveils the essence of their musical journey.

“Please Don’t Walk Away”

“Please Don’t Walk Away” describes the end of a relationship and wanting to scream out all the words that were left unsaid. The beginning is calm and sets the scene. The end explodes into full band and are all the words the narrator wishes to say but isn’t able to.

“Empty (Without Me)”

“Empty (Without Me)” is a song reflecting on a past relationship under the lens of anger rather than sadness. It’s a reflective song as well, containing many unanswered questions about the relationship as a whole. 


“Sulk” is about general underlying depression and not knowing how to cope with it. It is a prime example of the two main themes of the album, depression, and self-reflection.

“Stuck In The Wake”

“Stuck In The Wake” is told from the perspective of watching a friend go through a toxic on and off again relationship. It’s about wanting to help but knowing the only way things will change is if the person chooses to help themselves. It’s definitely been the fan favorite from our original record release as it has a huge and catchy pop chorus. 


“Deadweight” is about dealing with former bandmates who have dragged you down. It is ultimately just about telling off someone who won’t take responsibility for their actions and their mistakes, blaming everyone except themselves. 


“Headspace” is a song about trying to distance yourself from a newly ended relationship but being forced to be put in the same vicinity as that person. It’s about dealing with the constant reminders of the past and the pain that it’s causing you emotionally. 

“Erase Your Existence”

“Erase Your Existence” is about trying to remove someone from your life completely when they’ve been woven into the fabric of your being for so long. It’s also about trying to cope with learning that a past significant other has found someone new soon after your relationship has ended.

“Something Left To Save”

“Something Left To Save” was written in the form of a letter to self. It’s generally about trying to convince yourself that your life isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. 

“Chump Charity”

“Chump Charity” is a song about oversharing. It was written from the perspective of talking to someone you don’t know that well about all your problems and feeling like you’re getting too personal rather than giving the common “I’m doing good” answer.


“Exeter” is the opposite of the typical pop-punk song, where it’s a debate about staying in your hometown. It’s about a sense of nostalgia for your upbringing but knowing that the only way that you will progress in all of your endeavors is if you move to somewhere new.


“High” is a song about coming to terms with the incoming end of a relationship. Specifically, it delves into a significant other’s issues with substance abuse and how it affects the relationship’s state.

“A Bitter Descent”

“A Bitter Descent” is about truly being at your lowest point in a depressive state. It’s a song about being pushed to the very edge of your mental well-being and feeling like there’s no possible way to cope with it. 

“Good Grief!”

“Good Grief!” is a song about knowing you have a purpose in life and not letting what others say affect your goals. It was originally on our 2017 EP Nowhere Left To Roam and we we rerecorded it for this deluxe release. It was always a fan favorite from our early days as a band and it really influenced the direction we took for A Bitter Descent. As well as this, our lineup is different from when we started, so it made sense for us to rerecord it in the style that we play it with our current members.

“Betray A Friend”

“Betray A Friend” is a song about the current state of cancel culture, written from the perspective of someone close to a canceled individual. It tackles the mental anguish of dealing with a loved one’s mistakes, as well as the feeling of anger and a sense of responsibility to hold someone you care about accountable for their actions.

“Headspace (Acoustic)” and “Stuck In The Wake (Acoustic)”

Both “Headspace (Acoustic)” and “Stuck In The Wake (Acoustic)” were rearranged for an acoustic live session we were asked to do and we decided we liked the arrangement so much that it would be fun to record them that way.

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