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9 Alternative Artists To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

Magnolia Park and In This Moment 2023
[Photos via Facebook]

There’s finally a chill in the air, and we all know what that means: Halloween is on its way. Whether you enjoy dressing up for parties or hosting a horror movie night from the comfort of your couch, there’s something for everyone to take part in. Better yet, there are plenty of alternative bands and artists that find their inspiration in the spooky season. 

This doesn’t mean that they are carving pumpkins or telling ghost stories. Many bands in our scene incorporate paranormal or horror imagery and themes into their releases. This can take the form of voodoo dolls (The Funeral Portrait), mad scientist experiments (Bring Me The Horizon), and a whole lot of fake blood (Poppy). However, the bands doing it best take these nightmarish elements and turn them into something that feels as real as life itself. 

At idobi Radio, we love uplifting bands that are making a statement with their music. All 9 of these acts embrace supernaturalism in ways that are entirely authentic to them. Be sure to take a listen and add your favorites to your October playlist. 

Magnolia Park

Florida-based Magnolia Park is no stranger to incorporating Halloween and occult imagery into their branding and music. From their emo vampire track, “Unholy Heart” (featuring Honey Revenge’s Dev Papadol), to bearing fangs in the music video for “Blud Luv,” the band seamlessly weaves supernatural references into the narratives of their songs. 

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In fact, they just announced Halloween Mixtape II, a follow-up to the 2021 original collection that will drop on October 27. “Animal,” their new single off of the mixtape, kicks off with Joshua Robert’s bone-chilling screams against an edgy synthesizer. Magnolia Park shows off the heavier side of their sound, finding influence in mixing the hardcore and pop stylings of Bring Me The Horizon through roaring drums, trap beats, and drop-tuned guitars. The song also features PLVTINUM and Ethan Ross, two up-and-coming hip-hop and alternative acts who add their own fresh dynamic to the verses. The arrangement makes listeners feel on edge when they tune in, uncertain if there is another haunting surprise to come. The music video is no exception, showcasing Magnolia Park and their collaborators attached to electric chairs in a detained laboratory. It’s the perfect track to listen to while decorating your house for spooky season. 

New Years Day

If you were a Warped Tour kid, you likely saw flyers promoting a badass frontwoman with bright red and black split-dye hair all over the festival grounds. That vocalist is Ash Costello, and her band New Years Day remains an empowering force in the heavy rock scene. Their theatrical vocal melodies and unflinching distortion are an inspiration to performers in the genre to continue pushing forward and for non-male artists to break the glass ceiling. 

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Since forming in 2005, New Years Day has turned its original MySpace fanbase into something bigger than itself: a fanbase that uplifts women’s voices and embraces the darker side of feminine power. And they don’t just do this through their music. From Costello’s symbolic chain harness in the “Hurts Like Hell” music video to their current black and red heart logo, there is something to be said about how they represent themes of heartbreak, loss, and feminism through their consistent fiery, devilish imagery. Plus, the frontwoman’s passion for horror movies (particularly ‘It’ and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’) is always at the forefront of her personal branding. 

In This Moment

In This Moment is a band that immerses its listeners in their very own world where witches and dark magic have taken over all of mankind. Vocalist Maria Brink is a gothic metal goddess who plays the role of a spiritual leader of the band’s own coven. Complete with pentagrams and inverted crosses, fans can expect a blend of Satanic imagery and black magic from their music videos and other content. 

Their latest single, “The Purge,” opens to Brink’s in-your-face screams that feel like a punch in the gut. Her ability to seamlessly alternate between harsh and clean vocals creates a multi-dimensional performance that leaves listeners questioning whether or not she is a witch to be trusted. However, in tandem with theatrical metal acts such as Ghost, there is always a feeling of anxiety when watching In This Moment’s visuals. It’s an exciting anxiousness, like the feeling of a rollercoaster drop. Nonetheless, they are an incredible band that keeps Halloween alive all year round. 

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Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills is committed to bringing your horror movie dreams (or nightmares) to life. Their fifth and sixth studio records, The Silver Scream and Welcome To Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2, are inspired by history’s most iconic horror movies. And before that, their record Every Trick In The Book referenced important pieces of gothic literature. From emo-pop to deathcore, Ice Nine Kills leaves no genre untouched, nor do they hold anything back during their live performances. The band swaps out the traditional concert experience for something more theatrical, incorporating stage actors who recreate horror movie moments live onstage, and all meet their unfortunate demise. Think of it as a Halloween-esque rock opera but with a gothic edge, unlike any musical theatre production you’ve seen before. 

From ‘American Psycho’ to ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street,’ horror movie fans will love and recognize every frightening allusion that Ice Nine Kills incorporates in its live show and catalog. 


If you are looking for an alternative artist to celebrate sad girl spooky season, look no further than MOTHICA. While her instrumental style is more pop-leaning than her counterparts on this list, it is chock-full of haunting synths and ambient sounds that leave room for MOTHICA’s vocals to shine. Her lyrics take the forefront of her songs, typically exploring the themes of self-sabotage and destructive human tendencies rather than the supernatural. Just take a look at the lyrics in “Casualty”: “I won’t be a casualty/A product of my agony/Break my bloodline/Feel the pain and then kill it twice/I won’t be a casualty/No, I won’t go down like that.” MOTHICA proves that Halloween isn’t just about wearing a mask: it’s about taking it off and laying yourself bare, no matter how scary it can be. 

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Type O Negative 

Type O Negative’s sound can be best described as gothic, industrial metal: a blend of heavy guitars and breakdowns that pair perfectly with the crisp fall air. Although they haven’t released any new music following the passing of their lead vocalist Peter Steele in 2010, there are plenty of powerful references to Halloween across their seven full-length records. Their track “Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)” paints a picture of the autumn through a gothic lens. “Halloween In Heaven” and “Who Will Save Me Sane” create their own unique sonic experiences, all while staying true to the dark timbre of Peter Steele’s vocal performance. If you’re a sludge metal fan, step into Type O Negative’s world.  

Die Spitz 

Hailing from Austin, TX, Die Spitz inhabits all things weird and eerie about this season without being obvious. Celebrating queerness, the band consists of four incredibly talented non-male performers who bring the infectious chaotic energy of a Halloween house party. Every song and piece of content they post is raw and real, and their punk-rock attitude keeps things fun and light-hearted. Their latest record, Teeth, is an effortlessly cool collection of songs that finds the beauty in what’s bloody (literally, just look at the cover art). Just watch the music video for “Kill Mr. Jones,” and you’ll see what we mean.

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If you’re looking for an alt-rock band whose entire brand is based around blood-suckers, Creeper is the perfect choice. According to their Instagram bio, “Creeper is a cult,” and their social media is run by “Darcia the Vampire Familiar.” But beware, the vampires Creeper speaks of are not the sparkling ones. Their latest single, “Teenage Sacrifice,” is reminiscent of punk-forward bands like Against Me! but with a murderous twist. Dropping their new record, Sanguivore, on October 13, the act focuses on turning their songs into an immersive experience, like a journey into a haunted house. While their visuals are dark, they don’t take themselves too seriously. A level of campiness keeps the band from becoming a caricature of the blood-lusting creature. 

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My Chemical Romance 

Yes, this is obvious, but we couldn’t help ourselves. My Chemical Romance is known for creating concept records centered around the devil, death, and disease. From the main character losing the love of his life to a gunfight in Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge to the narrative of a patient dying of cancer in The Black Parade, the world-dominating rock band is unafraid to tap into the things that make real life scary. Fans of My Chem know that Gerard Way also loves dressing up as different characters on tour. Whether it is an anime cheerleader, a nurse, or even a cat, Way embraces all things Halloween year-round. 

What’s your favorite band to listen to during the Halloween season? Let us know! 

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