What’s This? The idobi Team Debates Nightmare Before Christmas

By | October 27, 2015 at 7:00 PM


Since 1993, the world has been torn in two over the greatest wonder in cinema: When do you watch  The Nightmare Before Christmas? The question has puzzled the creepiest of minds, and the merriest of souls. At the end of the day, Tim Burton’s holiday linking film is brilliant enough to be watched in all twelve months of the calendar year, but still, we have to know  who’s right. The idobi team got together to debate exactly that, and we’re proud to say we have the answer you’ve been waiting for.

It’s a holly jolly occasion…


Personally, there’s mention of the Easter bunny so I’m on the “it’s an anytime movie” train as well…. But it’s totally a Christmas movie guys.
Shelby Chargin

it takes place in Halloweentown, but the big plot points revolve around Christmas: falling through the Christmas tree, the town meeting to explain Christmas, kidnapping Santa, flying around on Christmas Eve, etc. And there are more Christmas-related songs than Halloween songs.
Sam Devotta



It’s a better accompaniment to tricks and treats…


Is this even a debate??? Halloween. Hands down.
Tori Bilcik

Since it takes place in Halloween, I’m gonna have to side with that. Especially since it was released in October of 93.  But I think a lot of the film’s audience watches it at both holidays, myself included.
Jenna Cafora



Taking in all of the viewpoints on The Nightmare Before Christmas, the idobi Debate Team has come to the conclusion that…


It’s a thanksgiving movie.
Mike Fishkin