idobi’s Guest ‘Gram: 7/30

By | July 30, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Who’s on air this week? Scroll through idobi’s Guest ‘Gram to get the 411.

(P.S. Do people still say 411?)


idobi Warped Radio

idobiwarpedradio Sébastien Lefebvre and The Maine + Sierra and Sabreen Lyman + Jawn Rocha and Ryan Wantanabe on Monday, 7/30 at 4pm ET on #idobiRadio


Waldman’s Words

waldmanswords Jazmine Valencia on Tuesday, 7/31 @ 8pm ET on #idobiRadio


The Nick Major Show

thenickmajorshow Tony Vivio + Bryce Thomas on Tuesday, 7/31 @ 10pm ET on #idobiRadio


Geek Girl Riot

geekgirlriot Arvind Ethan David on Tuesday, 7/31 @ 11pm ET on #idobiRadio


idobi Warped Radio

idobiwarpedradio Story Untold + With Confidence and Broadside on Wednesday, 8/1 at 4pm ET on #idobiRadio


Wesam’s World

wesamsworld Zeke Duhon on Thursday, 8/2 @ 6pm ET on #idobiRadio


Gone Fishkin

gonefishkin  Rebel Coast Winery + Meghan Cummings + The Band Camino on Thursday, 8/2 @ 9pm ET on #idobiRadio


idobi Warped Radio

idobiwarpedradio Real Friends + Fish and Nicky C on Friday, 8/3 at 4pm ET on #idobiRadio