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The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Will Pugh of Cartel

CARTEL.  CHROMA.  That’s all you need to know.
Or how about… CARTEL is PLAYING CHROMA in it’s entirety!  Sound better?  Because it’s happening…

I spoke with my buddy Will Pugh, lead singer of one of the better bands of our generation and this scene, Cartel, about the upcoming 10 year anniversary tour of Chroma… in which the band will be playing the whole god damn thing.

It’s literally going to be ridiculous.

And even though Will’s been on The Gunz Show 22 times in the past, literally 22 times, I still was able to ask him and find out more about the recording process of Chroma, the song structure, how Minstrel’s went into Q which went into A so perfectly on the album, as well as some singalongs.

Check it out.  He also gives us an update on the band’s future.

See ya on the tour.
– Gunz