First Listen: Hidden Hospitals Drops New Song, “Acid Rain”

By | April 23, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Photo: Peter Kulak

Hidden Hospitals is bringing back rock and roll, and they’re throwing electronica in with it. Jam with their brand new song, “Acid Rain”, below.

“The excitement, wonder, and newness of life grows dull as we age. We trade happiness for safety and an ignorant sense of security. When the treadmill stops, are we at peace with never reaching our potential?

Love now, be more, say what you mean. Move often, keep less, care about caring. Hurtful can be the conversations we never had. Deadly, the risks we didn’t take. ‘Acid Rain’ ticks a few of these boxes. A dark but buoyant song about ‘what if’ told with guitars, drums, and the occasional falsetto.”

– Dave Raymond, vocalist of Hidden Hospitals

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