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Premiere: Van Halst’s New Album ‘World Of Make Believe’

If Evanescence and In This Moment dominate your stereo, we’d like to present your new favorite band. Canadian hard rock act  Van Halst is premiering their brand new album,  World Of Make Believe, with us today.

“World of Make Believe contains ten songs that speak to a variety of social justice issues such as poverty, youth homelessness, religion, domestic violence and feminism. I strongly believe that musicians and other public figures have a responsibility to try and create positive social change through their art and their voice: World of Make Believe is our contribution.  We want this album to make people think about systemic issues in a different way and motivate them to create positive change through activism.”

The female fronted group, which started as the solo project of vocalist Kami Van Halst, is ready to attack your speakers with a fierce sound. Check out the album below!

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