Premiere: Conversing with Oceans’ “Heart Of A Poet”

By | October 20, 2016 at 3:00 PM



Thursday inspiration, anyone? The story of Conversing with Oceans’ is one filled with perseverance and a love of music. Alex Bondarev’s family brought him from Russia to India to escape the unrest of war, and then later travelled ever further to the Bronx. Passionate about music from a young age, he started his very first band in grammar school.

“We developed a friendship where he’d share philosophies on life- particularly on how he had beaten cancer several times, the importance of family and friends, of enjoying life, and most importantly, of what it means to live a ‘worthwhile’ life.”

These days, Alex hasn’t strayed from his love of sound. With Conversing with Oceans’, he’s come into his voice more than ever before, showing nothing but potential for an incredible future. The latest track from the project, “Heart Of A Poet”, is premiering exclusively below. Written about a bond with an older friend battling cancer, the song is sure to bring more than a few tears to your eye, and a better outlook on the day ahead.