Photos: Against Me! in Vancouver

Photos by Lindsey Blane By | November 13, 2016 at 11:31 AM

idobi photographer Lindsey Blane covered the Against Me! show at Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC. Check out some shots from the show below!

Against Me!
against-me-10-25-2016-2against-me-10-25-2016-1 against-me-10-25-2016-3 against-me-10-25-2016-4 against-me-10-25-2016-5 against-me-10-25-2016-6 against-me-10-25-2016-7 against-me-10-25-2016-8 against-me-10-25-2016-9 against-me-10-25-2016-10 against-me-10-25-2016-11 against-me-10-25-2016-12 against-me-10-25-2016-13 against-me-10-25-2016-14 against-me-10-25-2016-15 against-me-10-25-2016-16 against-me-10-25-2016-17

Dave Hause
dave-hause-10-25-2016-2dave-hause-10-25-2016-1 dave-hause-10-25-2016-3 dave-hause-10-25-2016-4 dave-hause-10-25-2016-5 dave-hause-10-25-2016-6 dave-hause-10-25-2016-7

Little Destroyer
little-destroyer-10-25-2016-2little-destroyer-10-25-2016-1 little-destroyer-10-25-2016-3 little-destroyer-10-25-2016-4 little-destroyer-10-25-2016-5 little-destroyer-10-25-2016-6 little-destroyer-10-25-2016-7 little-destroyer-10-25-2016-8

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