The Story Behind The Story: Echo Boom

Echo Boom started as the attempt to immortalize stories and themes that had made an impact on my life starting as far back as 5th grade. At an early age I feel like I began taking in stories both of my own and of close friends as these gifts or valuable commodities.


What We Think: Peeple

One of the latest sites to hit the world wide web, Peeple has started plenty of conversation in the past few days.


Bonus Show: Tune in to Hear The Maine’s Live Set this Saturday

We told you The Maine were cool as shit. If you can’t make it out to one of their shows, we’ll be broadcasting their Tuscon, AZ set this Saturday at 8PM PT/11pm ET, right here on idobi Radio, where they’ll be playing their album American Candy in full.

idobi Radio Welcomes The Dangerous Darrin Show!

Alright, folks. It’s time to butter up those ear buds because world-famous musician, record producer, and Goldfinger drummer, Darrin Pfeiffer, is joining idobi Radio! Tune in each and every Taco Tuesday at 7pm ET / 4pm PT for The Dangerous Darrin Show (featuring TS).

Made for Mixing: The Intersection of EDM and Punk

Electronic dance music and punk rock may not seem like two peas in a pod, but they’re similar in more ways than you’d think. Structurally, EDM shares the same elements of punk music—both are fast paced, melodic, and employ catchy, memorable riffs.

“We’ll See You Tomorrow”: TWLOHA and World Suicide Prevention Day

We’ve come to another World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s difficult because the goal is to completely eradicate suicide and thus the need for this important day. For many, it takes strength and a supportive circle to carry on another year. An organization that understands this daily struggle isTWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms).

The Wonder Years: Ten Years Strong and Rising

While “Teenage Dream” was playing what seemed to be every fourth song on the radio in 2010, The Wonder Years were quietly cultivating a fanbase of kids that felt less “you make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream” and more “I’m not sad anymore, I’m just tired of this place.”


Tour Diary #12: New Antique

Boston is beautiful. As a city it is apparent they appreciate their history more than anything. The way old architecture lives and breathes amongst the new is inspiring, and on the last day of tour I feel very similar.