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Jason Lancaster of Go Radio opens up regarding band’s breakup

Lancaster sheds light on the band's surprising decision to part ways

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I spoke with my buddy Jason Lancaster of Go Radio about the recent news that Go Radio has broken up. Jason said he wasn’t aware that the statement from the band about their breakup was being released when and how it did, that he will continue making music, and also the reasons for what lead to the band’s break-up.

Clearing up the rumors:

 I’d like to tell everybody that just because Go Radio is done, doesn’t mean I’m not doing music anymore. I didn’t read that post until almost everybody else did, it kind of took me by surprise and there’s a lot of things in there that are just not true…Everything for me came down to the simple fact that [Go Radio] just wasn’t where I wanted to be anymore. It wasn’t where I felt like I could grow as an artist the best.

How it ended:

Right now I’m more sorry it ended the way it did. I had high hopes for Go Radio and I had high hope for those songs. It broke my heart when Close The Distance didn’t hit. We put everything we had into that record and when it didn’t do what we thought it should have it kind of took a different turn for me personally. I don’t want to say I lost faith in Go Radio, because I will never lose faith in those songs. It just put a lot of things into perspective and the progression of Go Radio. I love every single moment I had with the band. I walked into a situation where it was all or nothing, and I gave my all for 7 years…At the end of the day it’s time to move on and that’s what I’m doing.


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