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Never Shout Never – The Gunz Show – Interview with Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never

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My buddy Christofer Drew calls into The Gunz Show and talks about tour life, the government, his rave parties, and also announces that they will be releasing a full length in the fall and also doing a headlining tour.


“I’ve been writing a lot of really freaking “good feel” kind of stuff – I’m kind of over the ‘dark’ kind of vibe I was going for for a while. I just felt like I needed to be dark for a bit to show people another side of myself, but I’m back to that feel-good shit because that’s who I am – I’m all about feeling good. I’ve got like 30 songs in the works, and we’re going to pick like 12 of them, make a badass record – maybe produce it ourselves, maybe go with a big producer – we haven’t really decided yet… Definitely 2012 release.”


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